Potato Tips

Pretty Potatoes
Pretty Potatoes

Potatoes need rather loose, or sandy, soil. Compacted soil will hinder tuber growth.

Potatoes need plenty of water. For each pound of potatoes produced about 130 gallons of water is required. Potatoes have a root system which goes deep which might cause the plant not to get a lot of water. Frequent irrigation is essential, especially in summer (“frequent irrigation” is not a reference to your outlandish, yet legendary, drinking habit – you lush – we’re talking about the potatoes. Try to focus.).

One of the easiest methods is to bury tubers cut into two or three parts, checking that there are least three to four buds per piece. You can also use pre-sprouting tubers. This way, you can easily discard those that have not germinated have a harvest earlier.

They have “sympathy” for beans and possibly sympathy for the devil. If planted near beans, potatoes grow lush and it seems that they are attacked less by Colorado beetles.

Potatoes need at least four to five months to develop. If you vigorously rub the peel on some potatoes and it does not come off the tubers are ripe for the picking.

Once harvested the tubers should be stored for several months in a cool, ventilated and dry. Moisture may cause them to bud.

The green parts of the potato are poisonous, much like your relationship with your boss, similar to tomato. You should not consume stems, leaves, or buds. The same thing also applies to any green parts on the tuber itself.

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